Just My Luck

We’ve been having a housing issue of sorts. Our current landlord has not done any maintenance on the property, and as much as I hate to move, I figured it was coming.

Then lo and behold! A possible way for all of us to get a little equity, fix the house, and be partial owners. Awesome! Everything I would need would be on one floor….

But my luck never runs that way. There’s now a clog or something in the sewer line going out that is causing the waste water from the 2nd floor apartment to back up into the 1st floor apartment when we flush, take a shower, do dishes, etc. Our handymonkey is going to open up the line (I think), but now everyone is back to, “We’re moving.” That takes money firstly, and a whole lot of help since most of us are disabled… oh, and money.

I was hoping to get my car back on the road this spring – honestly, I’ve been to sick to trust myself driving, plus the car needs a new windshield, battery, AB sensor, and inspection (plus paying all excise tax by May). All of which is doable, and I have the money for most of it already. But now moving. My daughter is talking about getting a loan from my mother for first, last, security, but we’re going to be put into a 2 bedroom, and the kids will find a different place. So I’m really going to need a car, but I’m torn between doing the repairs or just selling it and saving the money, but I’m really going to need a car. Grrr.



The time is once again upon us… as I get older, I am disliking this time of year less and less. There are a few reasons for this, and I’ll share. Take it as me commiserating with you, take it as a warning, or just take it as is.

  1. It gets earlier every year! I don’t mean the date, but the advertising. When I was young, advertising for Christmas before Thanksgiving was a bit frowned upon. Then the non-stop advertisements crept up further and further into November. This year, I was kind of shocked and rather disappointed that the first ad I saw (a car commercial) was before Halloween! Please! We all get stressed enough as the date approaches, but buying garland and Halloween candy in the same trip just seems wrong to me.
  2. Commercialism. Self explanatory for the most part. I did luck out and was blessed with children that didn’t demand everything they saw or heard about. Part of it is the age: you expect it from the little ones (three and under, and my kids and grandkid are no exceptions to this part), and as they age and you hopefully impress upon them that they can’t have everything they see. Reasoning is generally involved, whether it be the we can’t afford all that, it wouldn’t be fair to all the other children, or just plain no.
  3. I will add more tomorrow. Stay tuned!
  4. The frustration of writing something like #3 and then being taken out by a three day migraine! 25 lb Cat has been near me or on me nearly all the time though, which makes things slightly better.
  5. Hmm, I think I should make an additional page or two so my holiday rant doesn’t get mixed up with my general bitching. Now, however, I must try to sleep. 😴